Delete entire CIB on pacemaker

On occasion it may be useful, erase the entire CIB on pacemaker, for example if you have made a lot of changes, or tested several configurations with errors. Deleting entire CIB data can be a good option for starting again from the scratch.

The command is:

~ $ cibadmin -E --force

Be careful because this command will delete all cluster data, it’s recommended make a backup of the cluster configuration before:

~ $ crm configure show > cib.backup

Stopping clone resources individually

In pacemaker you can stop a clone resource on one node using the command:

~ $ crm_resource --ban --resource resource1 --host server01

This bans the resource at the specified node, to revert it:

~ $ crm_resource --ban --resource resource1 --host server01 --clear

So you can make system updates, managements or any maintenance task.